Reservation Fees

The reservation fee applies for all Epperson residents. 

  • A $500 refundable deposit check is required for all Lake House rentals. 
  • A $75 cleaning fee is required for all rentals.
  • Minimum rentals are 1 hour.
  • Maximum rentals are 8 hours. 
  • Rentals exceeding 4 hours will be billed an hourly rate of $50.00.
  • All reservations are for indoor and patio space and the space will be exclusive to the reserving party for the time and date of the private event.
  • Reservation requests should include the anticipated time to set up and breakdown the event. Please plan for this when selecting your reservation timeslot.

Payments can be made via check or online payments (coming soon.)

Two separate checks will be required for your reservation. 

  1. One check for the deposit of $500
  2. One check for the $75 cleaning fee + any additional hours charged.
  3. At the time your reservation is confirmed you will be provided the total amount due.

Payments can be made out to:

Epperson North CDD

Please be sure to drop off the non-refundable and refundable deposit in the black drop box on the residential side of the lake house (left side). Both checks need to be enclosed in an envelope with your name and property address listed. This will ensure that the refundable deposit is returned to you once the event concludes and once the community director ensures that there were no damages completed to the property.

* Reservations will not be approved until both deposits are received and dropped off.

Click here to make a reservation!

The CDD Board of Directors reserves the right to adjust these fees at anytime and without notice.



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